About the Journal

Journal of Agriculture (JoA) is an International Journal that published three times a year, namely in March, July and November.
JoA aims publish primary research articles of current research topics from all over the world, not simultaneously submitted to nor previously published in other scientific or technical journals. General review and short communication articles will not be accepted. The journal maintains strict standards of content, presentation, and reviewing.


The journal will consider primary research papers from any source if they make an original contribution to the experimental or theoretical understanding and application of theories and methodologies of some aspects of agricultural science including:

  • Soil science;
  • Climate science;
  • Agronomy;
  • Plant breeding;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Plant disease and protection;
  • Farming system;
  • Postharvest technology;
  • Socio-economics of agriculture;
  • Human research of agriculture
Journal's Name Journal of Agriculture (JoA)
e-ISSN 2829-2421 (Elektronik) SK : 0005.28292421/K.4/SK.ISSN/2022.04
Prefix DOI 10.47709/joa
Language Indonesia and English
Chief Editor Fani Ardiani  | Institut Pertanian Stiper, Yogyakarta
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 JoA is published by Information Technology and Science (ITScience), a Research Institute in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.