Serious Games About Indonesia’s Heroes Day for Education About Events 10 November 1945


  • David Fahmi Abdillah ITB Ahmad Dahlan Lamongan
  • Ilham Basri K ITB Ahmad Dahlan Lamongan
  • Titik Khotiah ITB Ahmad Dahlan Lamongan
  • Yanuangga Galahartlambang ITB Ahmad Dahlan Lamongan
  • Fery Arianto ITB Ahmad Dahlan Lamongan




10 November 1945, Education, First Person Shooter, Serious Game, Unity

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Heroes' Day is one of important days for Indonesia, is a day that commemorates one of the most important historical events, especially for the Indonesian people. The independence of the threatened Indonesian nation could be defended by heroes who sacrificed their lives against the invaders, where the incident coincided on November 10, 1945. but there are still many young people today who still do not understand the importance of their hero's struggle on that day, and consider Heroes' Day an ordinary holiday. The serious game is one of the game genres that is commonly used to provide learning about a topic by using games as learning media. By utilizing games as learning media, it will be easier for youth to understand the events of November 10 directly. The game is designed as a first-person shooter game developed using Unity with players playing the role of fighters against invaders on November 10, 1945. After playing, players will be given a series of questionnaires that contain events that occurred in the game and provide value to the game application. from the results of the questionnaire, the value obtained from the questionnaire was 69 and the value of the aspects of the game was 3.37.


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Submitted Date: 2023-01-17
Accepted Date: 2023-01-18
Published Date: 2023-01-21

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